Deep Relaxation Binaural Beats


Just put on your headphones, sit back, and relax as our high-tech audio instantly soothes your mind and body.
Format: MP3
Track 1 Length: 61 Minutes
Track 2 Length: 10 Minutes


Now you can eliminate stress and anxiety at the push of a button…

Imagine All Your Stress Melting Away As A Soothing Wave of Deep Relaxation Washes Over Your Body

Just put on your headphones, sit back, and relax as our high-tech audio instantly soothes your mind and body.

Perfect for unwinding at the end of a stressful day, continued use of this program also increases your ability to stay relaxed and focused during stressful times – allowing you to be more centered, productive, and able to fully enjoy life!

How Binaural Beats Work

Your brain operates at various different frequencies depending on your current state of consciousness. For example, when you are in a deep sleep your brain is operating at a much lower frequency than when you are wide awake and focused on a complex task.

Every state of mind and body has a corresponding set of brainwave frequencies. So if you want to achieve deep relaxation and a calm mental focus, you simply need to “tune” your brainwaves to that set of frequencies.

Researchers have discovered that your brainwave frequencies can be adjusted, instantly and effortlessly, simply by listening to special frequencies of sound — a process called “brainwave entrainment.” You can actually activate the desired brainwave frequencies simply by listening…and the state associated with that frequency will follow!

However, most of the frequencies at which the brain operates are too low for the ears to hear. This is where binaural beats come in. If you play a tone of, let’s say 112Hz in one ear, and a tone of 100Hz in the other ear, your brain will “hear” the difference of 12Hz and entrain to that frequency. Continued exposure to a frequency of 12Hz will result in a state of non-drowsy relaxation accompanied by a decrease in mental chatter, nagging thoughts and worries.

Using a well-designed binaural beats program, you can select whichever state of mind and body you desire, with perfect accuracy, instantly and effortlessly!

Introducing Serenity System

My relaxation program calms your mind and relaxes your body without making you drowsy. You can use the full one hour program whenever you’d like to ease your stress and anxiety, and regain your mental focus. The program also includes a short 10 minute “instant mental refresher” for when you need a quick break from a hectic day. This program is designed for anyone suffering from constant stress and anxiety so that you can…

Kill Your Stress Before It Kills You!

FACT: More and more people are dying from stress related illness these days. Stress over finances, job security, global economic and political turmoils, natural disasters of unprecedented proportions for our day and age…

All of this takes an enormous toll on our mental and physical well being. Stroke, heart disease and even several types of cancer are all on the rise and all directly related to increased levels of psychological stress.

What’s worse, being continuously stressed out actually decreases our abilities to cope with stress, which leads to even more stress as we’re sucked into a downward spiral of worsening health problems.

Popular stress relief “solutions” we often turn to may offer a temporary reprieve, but actually make our situation worse in the long run. Alcohol puts additional physical stress on the liver and brain; mindless forms of entertainment like TV deaden our mental focus which is vital to handling stressful situations; and prescription drugs targeting stress and anxiety usually have side-effects far worse than the symptoms they’re treating!

In the end, all of these things are nothing more than crutches.

Therein lies the real beauty of Serenity System. Rather than being another crutch that only numbs the pain of stress symptoms, it is a real personal development tool that will put you back in control of your emotional states!

Aside from the instant stress relief you will achieve every time you listen, you will also gain a better awareness of your own thoughts and emotions. In time you will find you have the ability to mentally and emotionally “center” yourself on command!

This means that you’ll be able to perform better in stressful situations, thereby avoiding additional stress. Just imagine…

Instead of being overwhelmed as one problem after another piles up around you, you’re now able to mentally take a step back, calmly assess the situation, and effectively handle it with the inner serenity of a Buddhist monk.

Basically, Serenity System will allow you to take charge of your life again!

*None of the information on this page is intended as medical advice. Serenity System is not designed to treat any medical conditions. As always, you should consult your physician for medical advice and treatment if you are suffering from any illness.


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